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The #waterroundup for Friday, April 20

April 20, 2018

12 Best Water Bottles to Travel With Erin Brockovich has come and gone. What's next for the grassroots movement behind North Texas' water fight? Officials Say Flint’s Water Is Safe. Residents Say It’s Not. Scientists Say It’s Complicated. A Look Inside The California Water Crisis That Nobody's Talking About

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How water data can help entire communities live healthier lives

April 05, 2018

With that belief we went hunting for data around water, as we were trying to figure out what products/services we could offer to best meet the needs of people today. As we were doing our research we were astonished by the scarcity of water data that is available, and we came to understand how the lack of data within the water industry comes from how outdated all the products and services offered…

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A Conversation with the Water Department

March 28, 2018

One of the topics we discussed was around water standards. At Tern, we don't limit ourselves to the standards reported by the EPA, as the values fluctuate for many different reasons that may or may not be related to the actual health of the water. Instead, we use publicly available standards that have been reported by credible sources such as the World Health Organization. We also consider…

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Health Benefits of Water, In Honor of World Water Day

March 21, 2018

In celebration of World Water Day, we would like to remind you of the benefits of drinking enough healthy water everyday. Higher energy levels, and less fatigue Improves brain function Helps with weight loss, and improves metabolism Boosts your immune system Helps relieve and prevent headaches Saves Money Perfect for Hangovers

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Healthy Water at the "Point of Use"

March 13, 2018

The water issues that many cities and communities face in terms of water pollution and how that is affecting our ability to get a healthy drink of water, start long before we turn on our kitchen faucet. For the most part, water pollution begins in our infrastructure which is managed by cities and municipalities. That means, that, for the average person, it may be challenging for us to be able…

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How to Make Sure Water From Our Kitchen is Safe to Drink

March 08, 2018

Since our founding in 2016, our mission at Tern Water has been to provide people with access to safe and sustainable water through innovative products and services that provide better information about contaminants and make water safer at the point of use. According to USA Today , as many as 63 million Americans are exposed to unsafe drinking water, that’s almost a fifth of the entire country…

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Lack of Water Awareness is a Growing Problem, and We’re Fixing That

February 26, 2018

Drinking water is arguably the most important thing that people need to do daily but often take for granted. Most people don’t realize that not drinking enough water daily can affect cognitive as well as physical performance both on the sports field and in schools and offices. Something that is often overlooked is that contamination of drinking water supplies can occur in the source water as well…

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Tern Water reply to statements made by the Philadelphia Water Department

February 14, 2018

All testing services are conducted using lab certified equipment with routine validation procedures to ensure that the data we are gathering is accurate. Tern Water has never claimed to be an accredited lab, but looks to gain the certification with the methodologies used during this campaign. We aspire to empower everyone to easily be able to understand their water. Although after some research…

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Cape Cod, You Can Now Test Your Water Quality!

December 07, 2017

According to Cape Cod times, a $6.5M carbon treatment system is being purchased to treat Hyannis water contaminants like PFOS and PFOA which are hormone disrupting compounds used in fire-fighting foams and aviation hydraulic fluids which are shown to make drinking water highly unsafe, levels of these compounds were among the highest reported in the US drinking water,this water has extended from…

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PA, Get Your Water Turbidity Tested!

November 21, 2017

Philadelphia, PA - On November 6th, 2017 American Water reported a drinking water warning to parts of Allegheny and Washington counties. They reported that the water is high in Turbidity and there is a high chance of disease-causing organisms in the water. We at Tern Water, have decided to launch a Know Your Water test that would include testing for Turbidity to any users effected by this problem…

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Tern Launches Know Your Water

October 05, 2017

Philadelphia,PA – Introducing the easiest, and cheapest way to test your water. Know Your Water is the first service to be offered by Tern Water, with the aim of allowing users to be able to understand the water they rely on so very much in the easiest and most convenient way possible. It is our mission to ensure everyone has access to clean and sustainable water. However, before action, must…

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Alexandria’s Flood

July 18, 2017

Alexandria lacks a proper drainage system, keeps on receiving larger amounts of rainfall every year and that’s been causing these deadly floods. The world bank has warned that this could become the norm for Alexandria and has placed Alexandria as one of the five cities that are in most risk of flooding by 2050 due to climate change. According to the United Nations IPCC Alexandria is also…

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There’s Something in the Water: The Betrayal of a Municipal Water System

July 18, 2017

Residents have been getting sick and have documented about the smell and taste of their water. Even General Motors has discovered tainted water supply began corroding it’s engines. This newest Detroit based water crisis has hit children the worst as levels of lead in their blood have almost doubled over the last year. Lead poisoning has a direct effect on damaging the brain, lowers coginative…

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Tern Water Announces Partnership with Cross Properties.

July 18, 2017

The Tern Faucet is a modular attachment to a kitchen faucet that provides the user with high quality purification and information on water consumption, water efficiency, and filter longevity. The sensors within the Tern Faucet detect changes in consistency and flow, which shares the information via a micro controller to the user’s desktop, Android and iOS devices. Additionally, Tern’s technology…

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Water for the Modern Age

November 29, 2016

We aim to provide your family with safe, sustainable, and clean drinking water all year round through purification and information at the tap! To learn more about us and the Tern Faucet, visit, stay tuned for daily updates by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With your help, we can create a sustainable water future! We are extremely proud to have won the Inaugural…

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