6 Reasons Your Water Costs are Rising

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No one wants to pay more money for their water especially if their costs are going up. It's one thing if you use more water, but to be using the same amount of water, or less, and still be paying more is quite annoying. There are many reasons your water bills could be increasing but here are 8 big ones to know. 

  1. Running water from your toilet- many people don't realize when their toilet’s water is running and only realize hours later. To decrease the probability of this happening, you could get your toilets checked.
  2. Leaky pipes- leaky pipes are something that can be easily fixed with our products especially our Smart Water Meter. After installing our Smart Water Meter, it's easy to tell when you get a leak and where it is. This makes it very convenient to act when these inconveniences occur.
  3. Overwatering the lawn- Many people overwater their lawn without realizing, making their water bills increase because of the overuse of water. 
  4. Infrastructure Maintenance- Water utilities charge their customers to maintain water infrastructure and when people live in areas with low quality pipes and systems, their bills automatically increase.
  5. Doing too many loads of laundry- To save money on your water bill, you must do as little loads of laundry as you possibly can. 
  6. Dripping faucet- Dripping faucets are another huge reason for increased water bills that people don't realize has such a big effect on your water bills.
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