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With the COVID Pandemic still affecting many areas of the country, lots of people are still staying at home, and we've seen residential water consumption continue to increase. Staying at home, means longer showers, more cooking, cleaning, and overall home utility usage. 

Water rates had already been increasing up to 10% a year, and with water consumption going up, the water bill is increasingly growing as an expense to property managers.  

Through Tern's services, we help you maximize your savings through efficient water management.

Our first step is a consultation call to get a comprehensive assessment of the health and quality of the water throughout your building.

Once you understand the current health of your plumbing infrastructure, Tern will provide you with a customized implementation roadmap to guide you through a range of water solutions for your property. Guaranteed to save 30-50% on your current water consumption.

To get started, Schedule a Free Water Consultation Call 


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