Know Your Water’s Impact on Property Management

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Know your water and know your water+ are two products from us at Tern. The idea behind them is that they are a tool that grants knowledge to the consumer of what is in the water they are drinking.

Through water quality testing in our labs, we provide lists of all the major contaminants inside the samples of water provided. After gathering all the information from the lab testing, we create a personalized report for your water to help you get a better understanding of what is in your water.

Knowing what is in your water is a crucial piece of information for a responsible property owner. We wanted to know your water’s impact to be something that every home has. If you own/rent a house or apartment, knowing what is in your water is key to living a healthy lifestyle.

With know, your water+ there are a few added benefits in addition to what was already listed. You are granted a thorough home evaluation with a professional plumber. Afterward, he gives you an in-depth report of the current status of all your water infrastructure fixtures and their estimated life expectancy.

This allows you to know what aspects of your home that will need to be changed within the next few years and allows for you to plan to have them replaced before they begin to affect your water. It is great for people who plan on living in their current home in the future years to come. Know your water+ also gives the user a water savings report which allows for the homeowner to not only have the ability to save money but lets them know how they are saving it. Overall know your water and know your water+ are great products for someone who is looking to be a responsible homeowner.

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