Local Water Update: The Tristate Area

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All across the country, our water’s infrastructure continues to be one of the biggest problems in the safety of our water. From decaying pipes, to leaky pipes, to lead in our water- it never seems to end. Right here in our area, there continues to be a serious issue with the lead in our drinking water and how to deal with this potentially very dangerous situation. In the state of New Jersey, there has been the ongoing struggle of replacing the water pipes and infrastructure so that the amount of lead in our drinking water is decreased. 

Since COVID-19, many states have started to realize the importance of public health and New Jersey is starting with their water system. The state’s water infrastructure continues to decrease rapidly and will only continue to do so until it is replaced or repaired. Lead contamination continues to be one of the biggest issues in New Jersey's cities. It is affecting the safety of their children and elders. Waiting to take this action will only cost us more economic loss and jobs. By taking these actions now, New Jersey could create more than 800,000 new jobs and increase houses’ income by over $2000. 

Across the country, many states have been struggling with the same problems including the aging infrastructure and increasing lead contents.If New Jersey decides to initiate the replacement of these old pipes, it could be a national leader in water infrastructure while focusing on the health and safety of NJ residents. 

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