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How to Save Water During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The average American consumes over three hundred gallons of water a day. With the majority of Americans deemed “non-essential” during the COVID-19 pandemic, all three hundred gallons are being used exclusively in the home, causing water bills to increase dramatically. During this uncertain time, monitoring water use and implementing solutions to over-usage can help consumers save on their water bills

An estimated sixty-three percent of consumed water is used by the shower, toilet, and faucet but with an increased emphasis on hygiene, that number could increase significantly. So how can we cut down on water without jeopardizing health? 

Water Aerators

Water aerators are an easy and cost-efficient solution to high water bills. Aerators dilute the water stream on a faucet or showerhead with air while maintaining the same high-pressure flow. Aerators are inexpensive and unnoticeable to your daily routines, making them a great way to save.


An outstanding twelve percent of our daily water consumption is occupied by leaking pipes. Being proactive about our plumbing can save the average consumer thirty-six gallons of water every day! Plumbing is often neglected until a major problem arises, but by keeping a maintenance schedule to our pipes we can solve problems before they arise.

Keeping safe during a pandemic shouldn’t be detrimental to your pockets, by implementing simple solutions and strategies we can make this process as painless as possible.

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