Tern's 8 Steps to Obtaining Sustainable Water

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Sustainable water is achievable once you know a few simple steps to make your water experience the best it can be. One of Tern Water’s main goals through their products and services is to attain and utilize sustainable water in the best way possible. Here are 8 Simple Steps to Obtain Sustainable Water:

  1. Take shorter showers- Taking shorter showers saves more water, helping your water bill and lessening the amount of water wasted.
  2. Do less loads of laundry- Cutting your number of loads in half saves double the amount of water! No matter how many clothes are in a single load of laundry, the washer uses the same amount of water for each. Saving your wash for the next day could save more water than you realize.
  3. Install our Smart Water Meter- Installing our smart water meter is an easy but effective way to obtain sustainable water. Once we come out and install our system, it's easy to see if your pipes are leaky or failing with our easy to use app. It will tell where the pipes are leaking- saving you money, time, and water! The water you will save just by using this single product is amazing!
  4. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth/ washing your face- This is an easy way to save some water everyday! After wetting your toothbrush or face, turn off the water until you are ready to rinse. It's an easy habit to break that can make a great difference!
  5. Install a water saving shower head- This product goes a long way and continually saves water. A great product to look into is the nebia-by-moen. This product is top quality and a must have! They have many other products, as well.
  6. Use one of our water filters- our water filters are easy to use and make clean water easy!
  7. Don't overwater your lawn- You can skip the sprinklers at times when it's raining pretty frequently! If you put in an irrigation sensor, it will only water the lawn when it is needed.
  8. Use the dishwasher instead of washing the dishes by hand- Using a dishwasher saves an incredible amount of water as compared to letting the water run while washing and scrubbing the dishes.
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