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Health & Wellness = Better ROI

Health and well-being drive home buying and renting for the 21st century buyer or renter. Amenities and smart home features may allow you to achieve better profits, as well as sell and rent properties more quickly.

65% of potential home buyers said they would be willing to pay more for smart home technology

33% of agents said homes with smart faucets sell faster than homes without any smart faucets.

The Smart Faucet provides property owners and developers a simple methodology for using water more efficiently to decrease water expenses, and may help with LEED certification and securing financing from investors looking to support green initiatives.

Tern Water Products & Services

The Smart Faucet attaches easily to any kitchen faucet and syncs seamlessly to the Tern App.

Know the risks for 7 major contaminants in your water compared to World Health Organization standards.

Sync the Smart Faucet to our mobile app to monitor filter status, real time water usage, and water quality. Receive new filters automatically as needed.

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Minimum Order
200 units
500 units
1000 units
Price w/ 3 month subscription
$150 each
$140 each
$125 each
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10% of sales donated
Personalized dashboard
1 year contract required

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Smart Faucets will ship in Fall 2018