Tern Water | Frequently Asked Questions

What is Know Your Water?

Know Your Water is a service provided by Tern Water which makes it easy for anyone to obtain an accurate and easy to understand report of contaminant levels in their own home or business water sources. Every Know Your Water kit is tested by our team of fully engineers, using lab certified equipment to ensure that you receive accurate and informative results.

What does Know Your Water test for?

pH, TDS, Chlorine, Fluoride, Total Hardness, Lead, and Chromium-6

Why are there two capsules in my test kit?

We require two capsules filled with water in order to complete water testing. Please note that both capsules must be filled from the same water source (faucet, etc).

What standards are used for the water report?

Our standards come from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

How do I get my water report?

Your detailed water report is sent to the email address which you provided within the kit you sent back to us.