We believe
in Better Water
For You

Our story begins at tern with learning about how water moves throughout our aging infrastructure, and how people are services at the POU (point of use). High water bills, a corrosive infrastructure, reactive solutions, inconsistent service -- all seemed like problems that need to be addressed.

So we started Tern with a vision to develop cost-effective solutions that deliver better water services in a sustainable manner for a growing metropolitan population.

‘Tern’, comes from the last four letters of pattern. It is our goal to effectively analyze water data to find patterns in water that will allow us to provide our customers with the best products and services.

All of our products and services are subscribable. This way, we keep track of all your water needs, and take that burden off your shoulders to make sure you are getting the safest and healthiest water, no matter your location.


With a vision to develop solutions that deliver cost-effective, sustainable and healthy water to a growing metropolitan population.

Tern, comes from the last four letters of "Pattern". That's because our goal is bring water back to the sustainable pattern of life.

Nature creates its own beautiful patterns, just like the veins on this leaf.

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