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Your privacy is very important to us at Tern Water. Information we collect from you for the Know Your Water campaign We collect the following information from you whenever you request a water test kit with Tern: Name - Your name is collected for personalization of your water results dashboard Address - Your address is collected and tied to your water test for viewing in your results dashboard and for collecting water data regarding your location. We will aggregate water test results by state/city/county/zip code/city block but never release a specific address' water data without your permission. We will use your address to look up your local governmental representatives so that we can give you the option to contact them regarding your water quality. Number of occupants in your household - This information will be tied to your water test for city water test data reports in order to provide a clear image of the impact of poor water quality. Phone Number - Your phone number is held securely and only used to contact you regarding dangerous water quality or if there is a problem with your water sample. We will never give out or sell your phone number to solicitors. Email Address - As a Know Your Water campaign customer, your email address will be used in order to contact you regarding accessing your dashboard to view your water quality results. We will use your email address to authenticate you to view your results. We will email you if you ever need to reset your password. We will never give or sell your email address to solicitors. Credit Card Number - Tern Water does not collect nor store any credit card information for our customers. All purchases are handled through Shopify. Our cookie policy No cookies are stored via accessing our website. Upon signing into the Know Your Water dashboard, we will store your user authorization information in the local browser storage in order to provide a friendly user experience. Upon signing out, this information is deleted. Please log out of any device that you do not want remembered. Connecting social media accounts If you authorize Tern Water to connect your Twitter account, you will be able to tweet local government representatives regarding your water quality. We will never tweet for you, but will give you the option to tweet within our application and pre-fill content based on your test results and representatives. Information we collect from the use of our website We collect minimal information on how our users interact with our website. We collect information regarding pages clicked, clicking buttons to buy our products, how often the dashboard is accessed, etc. This is used to make our website more accessible and effective for our customers. When we share your data Your data will be anonymized whenever we produce reports to share and never include your name or contact information.