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During the consulting call, Our Water Expert helps you best understand how to save money on your water, and provide your tenants with a better experience.

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Property Inspections 

A Property Water Inspection with one of our licensed plumbers. 

Savings Analysis 

Analyzing water bills, and materials to determine future water savings 

Leaks and Damage Analysis 

Identifying Leaks, alerting the user, and helping prevent them in the future.  

Water Health Analysis 

Testing the water for hardness, corrosivity, Lead, and other contamination levels. 

Know Your Water - Tern Water
Know Your Water - Tern Water
Know Your Water - Tern Water

Know Your Water

Know Your Water is the first step in optimizing your water experience. This service provides you with a comprehensive assessment of the health and quality of the water throughout your building.

This includes the following: 

  • Water Health Analysis to determine the health of the infrastructure, and the corrosivity of the pipes. 
  • Cost Analysis to help you best determine how to save on your bills, and improve your efficiency 
  • Leak/Damage Analysis to help best identify how to solve leak(s), or any other damages related to water most efficiently  

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Every Tern Customer helps bring water to our entire community. 

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