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During the consulting call, Our Water Expert helps you best understand how to save money on your water, and provide your tenants with a better experience.

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Property Inspections 

A Property Water Inspection with one of our licensed plumbers. 

Savings Analysis 

Analyzing water bills, and materials to determine future water savings 

Leaks and Damage Analysis 

Identifying Leaks, alerting the user, and helping prevent them in the future.  

Water Health Analysis 

Testing the water for hardness, corrosivity, Lead, and other contamination levels. 

Tern Smart Meter - Tern Water
Tern Smart Meter - Tern Water
Tern Smart Meter - Tern Water

Tern Smart Meter


Tern's Smart Meter was built to allow users access to their water data, and the information to proactively reduce water costs. 

The Smart Meter features include a lifetime of over 5 years, daily water usage tracking, a high degree of accuracy, and monitors leaks. 

The Smart meter comes in different sizes ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 inches, allowing you to place them in different sections of your property. 

After you install your products, You'll be able to access your water data through your online account. 

The Smart Meter is built to work at any property and uses LoRa as a communication protocol.


Every Tern Customer helps bring water to our entire community. 

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