Tern Water | Terms of Service

Our Terms

Tern Water current services include shipping water test kits and handling water tests and communicating the results to our customers. By purchasing a Know Your Water kit, you agree to our Terms of Service listed here.

You agree to provide a water sample from an address where you are authorized to live or work. The address provided by the customer to be associated to the water sample must be the true source of the sample provided. Upon mailing the water test to the Tern team, we guarantee to test your water and notify you of the results by email within 30 days. If upon testing your water, we discover a deadly contaminant, we will notify you immediately by phone and email that is provided to us for the sample.

In order to view the results of your water sample, you must have access to an Internet connection and device with an Internet browser. We will accomodate special needs by providing results through PDF or mail whenever a good case for it is made, although the results will still be available online. You agree to submit your water data to the Tern team for use in reports and statistics. This data will be removed from your identity and you will never be contacted by anyone except the Tern team regarding your water quality.

Risks and Considerations

Upon learning your water quality, the results may be difficult to accept. We will provide as many resources as possible to help navigate poor water quality and ensure our customers are safe. Through blogs, website content, and social media, we will keep our customers updated and as informed as we can.

Account Creation

You agree to have one account with Tern Water even if your address changes. This ensures we can keep your data consolidated for your Dashboard and we are able to contact you if needed. We do not allow multiple people to share one account. We recommend separate accounts for testing both residential and commercial water, for data display purposes. If you ever need to delete or disable your account, our support team will be happy to process that for you.

Know Your Water test kits may be returned for a refund less shipping fees within 30 days of purchase date if they are unopened and unused.

In order to use our services you must accept our Privacy Policy.